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IGNOU - BCA First Semester BCS-11 Study Material Download

BCS-11 Study Material Download

BCS-11 Study Material Download

IGNOU BCA Study Material Books: Here you can download BCS-11 Computer Basics and PC Softwares study material books in high quality PDF format.

BCS-11 computer basics and PC softwares subject's study material book is divided into 3 seperate blocks:

Block-01, Block-02 and Block-03.

Block-01 is all about Basics of Computer Hardware .

Block-01 contains Introduction about the computer hardwares. History of computers is nicely discussed in origins of computers.

Computer are being developed generations after generations. till this day 5 generations of computer exist. Those 5 generation of computers are discussed.

Computer systems can be studies in block-01. How Computers work? , operational units, system units, Vonn-Neumann architecture and the classification of Computer Technology are also covered.

Intergrated Circuits(IC) section teach us about early predecessors of IC's i.e the transistors and Vaccum tubes. Modern Electric circuits is also interesting section to read about.

Basic introduction of operating systems can be studied in Block-01. This Block also discuss about applications and limitatons of existing computers.


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Block-02 is all about Basics of Computer Software .

Block-02 contains Introduction about the computer softwares. Basic things like what is software? is understood in introduction.

Software has evolved from first generation to current generation of computers. Mainframe architecture, File sharing architecture, client or server side architecture to latest cloud computing is covered under software evolution.

Design was highly influenced during the evolution of software. Different paradigms where developed. for example, non-structured paradigm, Structured and modular design paradigm, component based paradigm and service oriented paradigm.

Programming languages have also evolved from time to time. Procedural only programming languages to Object Oriented Programming languages evolution is covered under this.

Software licensing Evolution can also be read under one of the sections of Block-02.

There are various types of softwares for various used like operating system and Hardware Drivers.

Utility of software and perverse software are alsocnicely explained in sections.

Finally, Open source software can be read and and understood in Block-02

BCS-11 Computer Basics and pc Softwares
Block-01 Basic of Computer Hardware
Block-02 Basic of Computer Software
Block-03 Internet Technologies

Block-03 is all about Internet Tchnologies .

Block-03 contains Introduction to user software. Basic things like what is a computer network and what are the advantages? is understood in the introduction.

The concept of internet and Data communication is simplified for better understanding.

The Data Transmission Channels be it guided or unguided can be studied in block-03 of BCS-11

Links, nodes, and the types of topology are covered in Network Topologies.

Mainly, Networks can be classified under 3 categories. LAN, MAN, and WAN. These 3 can be studied in the network classification section.

The network is build using NIC, Modem, Repeaters, Bridges, etc. These are the devices discussed in block-03

The Internet cannot run on hardware components only. It requires software components also that's where browser and firewall come into action. This is well explained in the block-03

Internet addresses are an important part of internet technology. Without IP, Web addresses everything is useless. This is also covered in Block-03 of BCS-11.

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