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IGNOU - MAPC Assignments Study Materials Question Paper Download

IGNOU MAPC Assignments Study Materials and Question Papers

IGNOU MAPC Assignments, Study Materials and Question Papers

Ignou MAPC Psychology

Table of Content

Course Code Title of the Course
MPC-001 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory
MPC-002 Life Span Psychology
MPC-003 Personality Theories and Assessment
MPC-004 Advanced Social Psychology
MPC-005 Research Methods in Psychology
MPC-006 Statistics in Psychology
MPCL-007 Practicum in Experimental Psychology
YEAR II (Choose Any One Group)
Group A-Clinincal Psychology
MPCE-011 Psychopathalogy
MPCE-012 Psychodiagnosis
MPCE-013 psychotherapeutic Methods
MPCE-014 Practicum in Clinical Psycholgy
MPCE-015 Internship
MPCE-016/46 Project/Applied Positive Psychology
Group B- Counselling Psychology
MPCE-21 Counselling Psychology
MPCE-22 Assessment in Counselling and Guidance
MPCE-23 Intervense n Counselling
MPCE-24 Practicum in Counselling Psychology
MPCE-25 Internship
MPCE-26/46 project/Applied Positive Psychology
Group C- Indusrial and Organizational Psychology
MPCE-31 Organizational Behaviour
MPCE-32 Human Resource Development
MPCE-33 Organizational Development
MPCE-34 Practicum in Industrial Organization Psychology
MPCE-35 internship
MPCE-36/46 Project/Applied Positive Psychology

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