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YCMOU B.A 2nd year English ( Eng214 ) solved Assignments 2022

YCMOU B.A first year Solved Assignments 2022-OPN 101

ENG 214: How to read a short story

ENG 214 How does Lawrence's style help to create a particular mood and atmosphere?


Writer uses seperate, single words and phrases, the total style is the chief dense a writer uses to evolve a particular tone.

Lawrence uses a deal of repitation, not only of words and phrases but also of whole remarks and sentences.

This style help us to create the tone and the atmosphere. This style intensifies a progressive intensification of the tone and mood.

Time to time writer lawrence uses recurring expressions like bitter, bitterly, angered, grinding, flared etc..

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Even though the story is very complex and intricate writer uses understandable general use words without compromising the meaning and expression character need to express.

Writer Lawrence has given special attention to keep sentences short werever possible, But if the event mentioned in the story demand explaination of context he has used long sentences.

During the story A normal english story reader can read story at his own reading speed.

In the starting of the story, Lawrence introduces a women (Paul's Mother) Hester.

"There was a woman who was beautiful, who started with all advantages, yet she had no luck".

This sentence, though it describes the two possible qualities of the woman the word 'Yet' creates uncertainity about her next information or negation about the character

This is a perhaps, the writers, subtle way of establishing a particular mood and tone in the story.

"She had bonny children, yet she felt they had been thrust upon her and she could not love them. They looked at her coldly as if they were finding fault with her".

This contain hints of guilty conscience in the mothers behaviours. Which creates a tense and depressing atmosphere.

Writer Lawrence uses a tone or different tones in order to convey the dominant tone.

We have already pointed out during the reference of Lawrence's use of word 'yet' for a firm negation.

For another example, "Nevertheless when her children were present, she always felt the centre of her heart go hard".

Lawrence uses tron to darken the tone set so far. Consider the details of a pleasant house with a garden, descreet servants and a cosy feeling of superiority over the neighbourhood on the one hand, and the ingrained distrust, dislike and unrelatedness at the core of the relationship

Here two different and differing elements are set side by side.

Such a juxtaposition? Writer lawrence uses in the first paragraph also contributes to intensify the particular tone and mood that pevades the story.

Atmosphere in the story as described by the writer Lawrence, in the first paragraph it refers to the Paul's house and the bedroom at the top of the house.

It was an attic, totally isolated from the entire house. Which is the sign of loneliness of Paul.

It definitely points to the isolation of from the atmospheric point of view.

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